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Private Cloud's Assist to WLAN

Posted by T-Systems on Aug 2, 2017 2:41:17 PM

WLAN access points – with quick-and-easy roll-out

Simply plug in the LAN cable, and you’re ready to go. T-Systems offers a comprehensive managed service offering for WLAN access points – enabling their plug-and-play installation without the need for specialist IT skills. The devices connect automatically with a T-Systems private cloud via the Internet or your corporate VPN – and within a matter of moments they download the defined customer-specific configuration. That’s it. 
You can also manage the network via the cloud. This central point of administration eliminates the need for the costly installation of WLAN controllers – hardware devices that can only manage a strictly limited number of access points. T-Systems monitors your wireless LANs 24/7 to resolve any issues

Made-in-Germany data protection

Transmission between WLAN access points and the T-Systems private cloud is encrypted, and strictly limited to configuration and monitoring data – no user information or communications is transferred. T-Systems processes all data in highly secure data centers in Germany, in accordance with the country’s stringent privacy legislation. T-Systems’ Net-based LAN Services will soon be available throughout the EU
Technical specifications
  • WLAN administration and configuration via a private T-Systems cloud 
  • Cloud connectivity via encrypted Internet tunnel or IP VPN (WAN)
  • Very high scalability 
  • 24/7 operation with clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs)
  • WLAN business access points by Aerohive
  • One LAN port required for each access point, ideally with power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Robust security: hosted in German data centers in line with strict data protection standards, no transfer of user data/communications
  • Access Points compatible with any desired LANs – independent of manufacturer
  • No hardware WLAN controllers necessary
  • Optional services: installation, integration of Telekom HotSpot

Speed, simplicity and efficiency – thanks to WLAN from the cloud

There are many reasons why businesses like yours might want to implement or extend wireless LAN networks. Perhaps you wish to introduce hot desking/desk sharing? Or you need to expand an existing office environment? Or you want to equip your staff in goods receipt and shipping with tablets? But rolling out a large number of WLAN access points simultaneously takes significant time, effort and money. A service engineer will have to install and configure each WLAN controller – and the corresponding access points – individually. They will have to enter the network name and the network key, define WLAN coverage, and input the gateway address etc.

No more manual errors

All that changes (for the better) with Net-Based LAN Services from T-Systems. Access points can be installed with ease and speed, and then configured automatically via a private cloud – in a matter of moments. This puts an end to manual errors, and eliminates the need for the presence of WLAN experts. So no matter what your industry, you can look forward to far faster, far simpler, far less expensive roll-out and expansion of wireless LANs – at a single central site, or at multiple satellite locations.
Ideally, your access points will be supported by power over Ethernet (PoE) – in other words, electricity is supplied via the LAN cable and a PoE switch. The network information needed for the configuration of the access points will be checked in advance.

Ideal for expanding existing infrastructure

The WLAN access points can be swiftly and simply implemented within existing LAN and WLAN infrastructures – no matter what make of hardware has previously been deployed. And these T-Systems devices are smart – if one access points should fail, then the surrounding units automatically extend their range to cover the impacted area, ensuring high availability at all times.
If you prefer, a Deutsche Telekom service engineer can install the WLAN hardware on your behalf. You can also request a separate virtual network for guests and contract workers.
T-Systems has a proven track record in the provision of managed IT services in Europe, and analysts at Experton rated Deutsche Telekom a leader in managed LAN services in Germany in 2017.

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